On December 8th 2011, during the first public presentation, De Bethune demonstrated a 926 Hz oscillator powered with pure mechanical energy.

De Bethune’s fundamental research in horology is based on the development of mechanical time-keepers driven by natural oscillations and independent energy with the aim of improving precision. De Bethune is paving the way in a new horological field based on the physical laws of mechanical resonance, and is making its research and knowledge freely available to the horological community to encourage a new thinking regarding mechanical harmony.

After two years of studies conducted by engineers and the physicist Siddhartha Berns of the De Bethune laboratory, working under the guidance of Denis Flageollet, a new principle of mechanical horology has been developed. This discovery, named “Horological Résonique”, is based on the successful synchronisation of an acoustic resonator and a magnetic‐escapement rotor within a mechanical watch.

Unhindered high frequency has become a physical reality



The Watches TV visits De Bethune’s manufacture where Denis Flageollet, co-founder and Head of Technical Department, explains their new approach to the regulation of watches: A magnetic oscillating system opening the door to frequencies as high as 20’000 Hertz.

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